Helping Families Adjust

Dayna Talaese talks about how Liz Tuitupou and the team at ProFifteen have helped them with their recent move to the UK:

“Liz & Sam at ProFifteen have been so incredible from the absolute beginning, making our journey 100x easier and making us feel listened to and welcome.”

“They are always in constant communication, have been so helpful with everything from contracts, to house hunting, giving advice to helping us find a nursery for our children. We have been around the rugby scene for awhile in a few different countries with different well-known agencies and I can 100% tell you that ProFifteen are the absolute best. It is hard to put into words how incredible they have been as nothing will do it justice! They are more than just an agency, they are like family, and most importantly, we trust them completely and know we are in good hands”