Life in the UK for a Rugby Player’s Wife

Dayna and Matt Talaese have been living in the UK for 5 months now, and while Matt is keeping busy up with Sale, we thought we’d ask Dayna how they’re settling in after all the initial excitement:

“We have settled in really well! We have been living here for 5 months now – time has flown by. Our daughter Malia started nursery in January and she is loving it. She is really looking forward to starting school in September this year. We live in a great location that Sam found for us, and I can walk to drop her off and pick her up everyday,” Dayna explained. “We have joined a gym, take the kids swimming and already have all our regular activities sorted now which is so great.”

Sadly, Dayna’s Dad passed away suddenly in New Zealand after they had only lived here for a month or so, so they had to make an emergency trip back to New Zealand for his funeral. “Sam and Liz were so helpful and helped to organise all the little things that we needed with the club, to help get us home without extra stress. Other than that, we have been loving our time here.”

Dayna is now a registered travel agent here in the UK and runs her own travel business, Total Tribe Travel Co. “It’s been so good for me to have something to do and I am loving it. Definitely feeling organised, and not stressed like we have been in previous years. We know Sam and Liz are always there if we need them, which is reassuring.”