Player Mentoring

ProFifteen is a rugby family that builds its success on the success of its players. 

While luck always plays a part, we are great advocates of the ethos “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. We work hard with the players in our family, mentoring them throughout their careers to help them achieve peak performance on the pitch and a happy, well balanced life off it – true success.

Physical Fitness & Performance

As part of the support you get as a player in the ProFifteen family, the mentoring you receive will always include a review of your physical fitness and recent performance, working with your club coach to identify any issues that might be holding you back. On the flip side, this process will also identify improvements that may help you progress further up in the game.

Player Welfare

We are all much more aware of mental health issues today than we were a few years ago, especially the impact they can have on performance and family life.

ProFifteen runs an ongoing player welfare programme to identify any emergent issues so the right support can be put in place at the earliest opportunity.