The Right Players

Finding the right players for the future of your squad, at the right time and for the right price can be a challenge.

Even more so when the quality of information available from agents can be patchy and difficult to get hold of. 

ProFifteen’s approach has been designed with input from top flight Directors of Rugby to get you all the facts you need, in the format you need them in, exactly when you need them.

And with our special relationship with players from the Pacific Islands, pick up the phone to Sam Tuitupou at ProFifteen.

Supported, Managed, Fit

Whether you’re looking for youth players or senior players with experience in the major leagues, particularly those with a Pacific Island heritage, talk to ProFifteen first.

Our family of athletes comprises players from many backgrounds and levels of experience, but what they have in common is that they chose ProFifteen to represent them. All the standard player management input plus so much more – support for the players and their families, comprehensive relocation back up, family networks, help with the challenges of moving into the professional game. From social media account audits and training to regular welfare reviews, we eliminate distractions that could affect performance.

That means they have the support they need to focus on their performance on the pitch.

And because of our close, mentoring-based relationship with our players, we know their current form, fitness and potential – as well as their ambition – like no-one else.

Sam’s own playing background in the UK as well as his All Black experience for his native New Zealand, combined with the expert team around him, makes ProFifteen a force to be reckoned with. Call him on 0161 533 0119 today.